Poker or Slots – What’s more popular in the UK?

There’s no doubt that both poker and slots are hugely popular gambling games in the United Kingdom. But which one is more popular? Let’s look at some key factors that might influence people’s decisions on which game to play.


Let’s start by looking at overall popularity. It’s hard to get accurate data on this, but a good proxy is the number of searches on Google. According to data from Google Trends, poker has consistently been more popular than online slots uk over the past 5 years. Moreover, the gap between the two has been widening in recent years, with poker searches increasing while slots searches have remained relatively static.

Another important factor is age. It’s no secret that younger people are more likely to be drawn to slots, while older people tend to prefer poker. This is borne out by data from the Gambling Commission, which shows that the 25-34 age group is the most likely to play slots, while the 55-64 age group is the most likely to play poker.

Reasons for Playing

When it comes to reasons for playing, again, there are some clear differences between poker and slots. People tend to play poker for the challenge and the opportunity to develop their skills, while slots are more about chance and luck. This is reflected in the data from the Gambling Commission, which shows that the most common reason for playing poker is “to test or improve my skills”, while the most common reason for playing slots is “to have a flutter”.

So, what does all this data tell us? It seems clear that poker is more popular than slots in the UK and that this popularity is driven largely by younger players. Poker is also seen as more of a skill-based game, while slots are more about chance. But at the end of the day, both games are hugely popular, and it’s up to each individual player to decide which one they prefer.

Reasons for Popularity

So why is poker more popular than slots? There are a few key reasons.

First, poker is a more social game. People enjoy playing poker with friends and family, and it’s often seen as a more skill-based game than slots.

Secondly, poker has a higher potential payout than slots. While you can win big on slots, the odds are always against you. With poker, you can make a consistent profit if you’re a skilled player.

Finally, poker is a more exciting and suspenseful game than slots. There’s more of an element of risk and uncertainty, which makes it more thrilling to play.


Overall, poker is more popular than slots in the United Kingdom. It’s a more social, skill-based game with a higher potential payout. While slots are exciting in their own right, poker offers a more suspenseful and thrilling gambling experience.